We can help age your fish and offer recommendations

Electrofishing or Lake Shocking can be used to determine the overall health of a pond or lake.  Shocking a lake will stun the fish long enough to determine size, weight and age..  This will help us determine a recommendation for your pond or lake.   This will allow you, the lake owner the information you need to make progress and start seeing results.  Larger, healthier bass for your lake. 

Common problems with most pond and lakes is catching common size bass.  Pond and lake owners experience catching too many 2 pound bass and catching them too frequently.  Most of the time the problem is created when pond and lake owners do not take out enough fish and the impoundment becomes over crowded.  Sometimes the forage base is lacking and this can be determined with a Lake Shocking.  For more information check out www.LakeMasterPros.com.

Lake Master Pros makes Lake Shocking affordable for everyone.

Are your Catching Average size Fish?

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